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Terrassa Padovana

The Municipality of Terrassa Padovana is in the south-east of the Province of Padua, adjoining the municipalities of Bovolenta, Candiana, Arre, Conselve and Cartura.
Historians date its origins to the donation of a woody area surrounded by marshlands (the ancient toponym Terra Arsa, Burnt Land, referred to an area that had been deforested using fire) made by the Count of Calaone to the monastery of San Michele at Candiana in 1097. It later passed into the hands of the Venetian noble family of the Bragadin.
The hamlet of Arzercavalli (Arzer De Cavallis) was famed for its trading activities; in fact the name refers to the horses that pulled the barges along its canal. The area also came within the sphere of activities of the Benedictines in nearby Candiana.
AREA ( 14,81
DENSITY (inhabitants/ 143,66
OECD rural area (density < 150 inhabitants/ SI'
* Inhabitants as of 21/10/2001, date of the 14th Population and Housing Census, ISTAT (Italian National Institute of Statistics).

Sites worth seeing:
  • Sanctuary of Maria Vergine della Misericordia in Terrassa Padovana (1499)
  • Parish church of San Tomaso in Terrassa Padovana (second half of the 13th century)
  • Church of San Giacomo in Arzercavalli
  • Villa Bragadin-Sartori (1700)
  • Villa Colpi (1700)


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